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Vitamin C Whitening Moisturizing Gel

Vitamin C Whitening Moisturizing Gel

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Ingredients: Camo Aloe, Sesame Oil
Efficacy: skin rejuvenation
Net content: 50g / ml
Lotion / cream category: cream
Shelf life: 5 years

Suitable for skin type: All skin typesI ’m talking about it. I do n’t want to see the white mushrooms in a day or two. The evaluation of the Japanese girl below also said that it took me two months to see the effect, so Meibaiquban is not three. It can be effective in two days. The official statement is that it is used every morning, but it is better to see Japanese girls saying that it is better to use it sooner or later, that is, it can be used sooner or later, no problem. Generally speaking, day cream can be used at night, but night cream is best not to be used during the day, because many night creams have light-sensitive ingredients, try not to use it during the day.

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